Method and praxis: Practical consequences of methodological standpoint/standpoints

Cvetićanin, Neven (2012) Method and praxis: Practical consequences of methodological standpoint/standpoints. Sociološki pregled, 46 (3). pp. 461-485. ISSN 0085-6320 eISSN 2560-4880

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This paper analyzes Mladen Lazic’s study ‘Waiting for capitalism’. Attention is given to the first part of this study in which the author has specified the theoretical basis of his own research and his own methodological position. This paper investigates aforementioned methodological position from the view of its possible practical consequences and inside this methodological position recognizes two elements. The first element comes from the so-called. historical relational method which author use in the manner of the French ‘Annales school’, which studies the processes of long duration. The second arises from the (neo)marxist concept of class and class action. After examination of these two elements of Lazic's methodological position is concluded that from them resulting different practical consequences in relation to social changes, since the method is inseparable from the practice in the sense that the theory is funded by practical habitus of its author. From historical-relational method stems favoring the evolution of social change, and this methodological point of view is compatible with gradual approach of socialdemocracy. From the (neo)marxist concept of class stems the thesis with potentially revolutionary consequences. Therefore, it will be possible different readings of this Lazic’s study, especially in the section that talks about ‘the emergence of new class relations in Serbia’ and ‘waiting for capitalism’ as a means of emancipation of Serbian society from Serbian state. Because of ambivalence of methodological form that is used i.e. ambivalence of practical consequences arising from used methodology/methodologies, the study 'Waiting for capitalism' gave possibility of both - the moderate and the radical reading, according to practical position of the reader.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: method, praxis, historical-relational method, class, class action, evolution/revolution,
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